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We are your live heroes, video stars, social media experts and moving picture professionals. We use our superpowers to fight for your company’s success. We dare what no one dares to do. We don’t sophisticate but deliver. Our mission: Show your company to the world. Our field of application: the whole world. What we do: Keep our word.

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Who you are – or what you do – doesn’t matter.
You can be a hero, too! All you need to do is check out our services

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Live Streaming

Your customers would never miss the World Cup finals or the royal wedding – but your live stream every time?

If the answer is yes, here’s what to do: Grab your hero cape, take along your idea – and we’ll make sure your viewers are as excited for your live stream as they are to see the World Cup. Impossible?!Uhm, sorry…but we’re not familiar with this word? We’ll look up its meaning in the mere mortals dictionary ASAP. You need to understand – we are not just humans. We are heroes.

Be a streaming hero

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Live Studio

If the studio has so much to offer that it’s considered a service – that’s when you know you’re dealing with heroes!

Back in the day, when 80% of the population thought that “Leyffstreems” were some sort of strange German dish, the Heroes were busy streaming and creating live content. We know what viewers want. Talk show? Game show? Gladiators fighting against dinosaurs? If you can dream it, we can do it!

make your dream come true

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Video Production

When was the last time you actually read a tutorial? Do you even remember? “Not to advertise is to die” used to be true.

In the 21st century, “shoot videos with a bunch of heroes” replaces “advertise”. Because everything else is digital suicide. Because we can all be heroes – you, your product, your grandma and your company. Spiderman turned into Spiderman when some radioactive spider bit him – all you have to do is shoot a couple of videos with some heroes.

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GIFs & Stickers

Your GIF all over Instagram – no story is safe. Memes dedicated to your product.

Your employee’s son suddenly becomes the most popular guy because his mom happens to work for YOU – the internet legend.Your most boring fact sheet breaks the internet. Sounds like an episode of Black Mirror? Actually, it’s not that hard. All you have to do is be a hero; or make sure your GIFs are.

GIF it a try!

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Social Media

Imagine you could reach half the world’s population with a single swipe. Wait a minute – you can!

How about turning followers into fans and likes into love declarations? Do you want your customers to adore you and build shrines and temples dedicated to your product? Is that a Yes or a Yes? Let us transform you into an Instagram deity. Go viral and become a Hashtag hero. We just so happen to possess social media superpowers!

go viral NOW

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Predicting the future? Cool! Creating the future? Even cooler! Heroes do both.

The trends of tomorrow are made in the control center of the Heroes group AG. We show you the future of business and integrate the latest technologies into your users’ smartphones. Everything a far-sighted entrepreneur could possibly desire. Development Demon and Back-End Batman make your customers’ online experience perfect.

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