What is the best way to predict the future? To create it – or in this case: programm it! We don’t just keep up with things. We anticipate and act. The trends of tomorrow emerge in the control center of the Heroes group AG!

We are digital mavericks and dare to tackle topics before others could even consider considering it. From software development and decentralized apps to smart contracts and integration in existing digital property – Development Demon and Back-End Batman are by your side, always – providing you with advice and customized solutions. Waiting forever to obtain approval? Development processes that never seem to end? Sorry, we can’t provide you with that. However, what we can provide you with are fast results – and results that are awesome.

Integrate smart solutions into your applications and make your customers’ online experience perfect. We show you the future of business and integrate the latest technologies into your users’ smartphones. Everything a far-sighted entrepreneur could possibly desire.

Development with your favorite heroes is to determine the future. The possibilities extend to infinity – and so much further.

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Joining the heroes means being a hero!

Grab your hero cape and take along your idea. Let's create some heroic content.