In influencer Knossi’s so called fishing camp, celebrities went fishing for 72 hours straight – and broke all records! Is it due to Sido’s anger outburst? Or is the glamorous arrival in a Lamborghini responsible? And what on earth is “Alge”? Find out more here!

The fishing camp consists of crazy challenges, live concerts, drinking schnapps by the campfire and – as the name suggests – lots of fishing. The mega event was broadcasted on Twitch, which is primarily used to broadcast video games but became the platform for this 72 hour streaming event with jungle camp flair.


Among the participants: YouTuber Sascha Hellinger from UnsympathischTV, music producer Manny Marc, Marcel Eris aka MontanaBlack, Kool Savas, rapper Sido, singer Pietro Lombardi and the host, influencer Jens Knossalla aka “Knossi”.

Knossi and Co. broke the Twitch audience record, which had previously been set at a little under 200,000 spectators, after only a few hours. On Saturday evening, more than 300,000 users tuned in – thanks to a Lamborghini, an anger outburst and an uninvited guest.

An evening to remember

This entrance won’t be forgotten anytime soon: MontanaBlack pulling up in a Lamborghini. Fans were eagerly anticipating his arrival – however, him showing up in such a glamorous manner exceeded their wildest expectations. The 300,000 viewers mark was cracked in no time and a historical record established. But the evening of June 18th had many more surprises in store…

…when all of a sudden, an uninvited guest appeared in the livestream. A spectator had decided to swim across the lake to reach the camp. While MontanaBlack made fun of the situation, rapper Sido was upset by the incident. For the rapper, however, things were to get even worse…

Knossi, Sido, UnsympathischTV and Manny Marc were sitting around the campfire when suddenly, a masked figure appeared. Sido was seen freaking out and fleeing the camp, closely followed by Manny Marc, who tried to calm him down in vain. The cause for all the drama was a pretty spooky prank the main actors of the camp claim not to have been involved in. When everyone had calmed down and sobered up, Sido returned to the camp. He stated that Knossi’s “Alge” liqueur was to blame for his outburst.

An evening that neither the participants nor the spectators will forget anytime soon and a record won’t be easily broken! The fishing camp is a great example for the impact the live effect has on people. 

Nothing is as live as live – and nothing is as awesome as live! If you want your viewers to be as excited for your live streams as they were to see Knossi’s fishing camp, contacting us is the thing to do! The heroes will turn our livestream into the next MEGA Event – with or without anger outbursts, Alge liquor and fishing.