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VINIVIA is our in-house platform for interactive live stream shopping. The problem with conventional online or teleshopping is media discontinuity – a problem we have just solved!

In this new type of online shopping, products can be purchased directly through the player. By simply clicking on the item while watching the video, the product card can be viewed, the item added to the wish list or purchased. This process is not only smoother but also facilitates both buying and selling, thus resulting in more revenue.

Integrating interactive elements are key to success and our main priority. Through voting, the audience can actively participate in the show, determine which products are shown, share their opinion and communicate with the brand. The goal is to offer viewers an exciting, interactive experience.

After all, shopping is more fun when you’re in a good mood. The viewers are not bombarded with unnecessary advertising but receive relevant AR ads based on their preferences and interests. Not only are these ads less annoying but they even increase the ROI. Content Creators can go live whenever and wherever they want and retain all rights to their content.

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