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Who misses the World Cup finals? Nobody! Who records it and watches it only when they know who won? What’s the point?! Only live is live; and only live is awesome.

A team scores – and suddenly, seasoned men screech like teenagers at a Justin Bieber concert. The broadcast of the royal wedding caused handkerchief producers to make more money than ever in the history of tears. And why shouldn’t your customers do the same when winning a MacBook in your live stream?

Whether it’s an interview, an event, a sneak peek or a game show: go live with your favourite heroes and every show is as awesome as the World Cup! Viewers turn into fans, your company into a star and your online shop one of Gatsby’s parties.

Do you want your audience to screech louder than Justin Bieber fans aka soccer enthusiasts at the World Cup finals? Do you want heroic live streams? Then grab your hero cape, take that idea of yours along with you and off you go!

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