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Leyffstreem? Isn’t that some bizarre German dish? Quiz: Who said that? a) a grandma (oops, a lady of golden age is what we meant) or b) a “futuristic” entrepreneur six years ago. The answer is obviously b). And the Heroes?

Well, we were just as busy live streaming back then as we are now. Over the past years, we have been in charge of introducing software and technology solutions to all major media groups – RTL, CNBC, sat 1, pro7, burger king, coca cola, mtv, sport1 and sky to name a few – and treated ourselves to a pretty cool 170 m2 tv studio. We know what viewers want – and what they don’t.

“Impossible” is a concept that doesn’t apply to our studio. Whether it is a talk show, game show, lifestyle magazine or gladiators fighting against dinosaurs: If you can dream it…we can do it! Not only we, the Heroes, have superpowers – our studio does, too!!!

PS: Your idea is not only big – but gigantic? Larger than 170m2? No problem! To thank us for heroic rescue missions in the past, our friends at MMC or NOBEO are happy to lend us their studio!

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