Your personal gestures, your expressions, your manner – your GIF. No, this is not one of those ordinary GIFs so many others use. This GIF is no knockoff – it is as unique as you. This is what a GIF production with the Heroes can do for you!

The world of GIFs is gobbledygook to you? You don’t get what all the fuss is about? Find some answers here!

To give you an impression of what to expect from a GIF production with the Heroes, we’ll just take you along with us. Our guest is Influencer Elisa Becker. The 23 year old provides her 360.000 Instagram followers with exciting information about her life, her trips and always has some discount codes ready. The young founder now wants to surprise her followers with personal GIFs.

But first – the arrival! Elisa and the team discuss the shooting. Will there be glitter?

After a short introduction to the production team, we go to our in-house studio. Elisa isn’t sure which GIFs should be used – but that’s no problem whatsoever. Our team has lots of poses and suggestions in mind thanks to lots of experience in GIF production. Let’s start with a warm up: the good old “Swipe up”. This is an important part of a Heroes production. We want our customers to feel comfortable in front of the camera so they can be themselves. This is crucial because it will be visible in the GIF. Elisa, the green screen and the camera get comfortable with each other.

After the first test shots, the initial commotion has disappeared and a feel-good atmosphere prevails. Let the fun begin! From “#advertising” to confetti rain and toasting: we shoot until all desired poses and Elisa’s favourites are set and done.

The team and Elisa keep checking the camera screen, change small things and repeat some of the shots. Professionalism and good mood go hand in hand. “This GIF production is fun” says Elisa.

After less than an hour, the “Official Elisaelly.becker GIFs” are set and done, the studio filled with golden confetti and the memory card with recordings. Elisa has a smile on her face as she says goodbye.

It’s time for us to start editing. And who knows – perhaps you’ll be standing in front of that camera soon? More information and how to book your shoot here.