We can all agree on the fact that we would love to go to concerts, celebrate at festivals or dance in small clubs until sunrise – but unfortunately, that is not possible at the moment. As an alternative, many artists play in empty halls for their fans with the rate of interaction being 90% nonexistent. Last weekend, EPIC GAMES showed that there is another way – Travis Scott got to perform in the popular video game Fortnite and put on a superlative show.

According to EPIC, 12.3 million players worldwide flocked to the monitors when the animated figure of the rapper hit the game’s virtual stage like a titan. As a giant, he performed his greatest hits while his “stage” was set on fire, flooded by water, turned into a psychedelic trip and finally, shot into the galaxy. Meanwhile, players could move around freely on this ever changing “stage” and celebrate with others.

Not the first mega act

Travis Scott was not the first act to perform on EPIC’s Fortnite. Last year, star DJ Marshmello got 10 million players to participate in one game. However, the two events are by no means comparable. While Marshmello’s performance was still a bit static and unspectacular, the developers have now shown how to really set a stage on fire – quite literally. I’m curious to see how EPIC GAMES will top this event and with what act.

But what can you do?

We can’t set up a stage like EPIC for you and your events – but we can turn your one-way-stream into an interactive event. Community interaction, live voting and lotteries are just a tiny part of our portfolio. Contact us without obligation and we will find the right solution for you!