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On the social media battlefield, heroes fight against customer-devouring algorithms. In the name of your company’s success!

The plan: work hard, work well, work better. We make sure the world knows. Together, we are invincible. The best team ever. Better than Robin and Batman.

After this epic speech, we need to show you some (not so boring) boring numbers.

Reference: world population = 7.8 billion people (As of December 2019)

  • There are 3.725 billion active social media users
  • The average German spends 150 minutes a day on social media
  • 60% of all Instagram users discover new products on the platform.
  • 50% trust a brand only after seeing evidence.
  • 20-50% of purchasing decisions are based on word of mouth.

Why waste money on advertising posters if your followers could do ALL the marketing instead? What you need: a heroic strategy.

That’s it! Your followers love YOU and adore YOUR product – they just don’t know it yet! Plus: your followers love to share good stories with their friends. The plan: Go viral, be the ultimate Instagram deity and coolest Hashtag hero. Cancel the annual marketing budget ASAP – you won’t need it!!

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Who is more likely to purchase your product – let’s say women’s underwear? Louisa B., 24, who still has some items pending in the shopping cart or Fritz P, 88, widower?

Our social media superheroes make sure your message reaches the CORRECT destination. Sounds expensive though…how much is it? Thanks for asking – for free, actually! After all, you only pay for reaching Louisa and her lookalikes – and therefore, you’ll get a full refund! Do you want to do some free advertising, become #instafamous and find out what your customers really want? Grab your hero cape and off you go!

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Joining the heroes means being a hero!

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