In early 2018, Lieferando founder Jörg Gerbig bought up the insolvent networks studiVZ and meinVZ – and guess what: the networks are returning under the name Gruppennetzwerk VZ. Retro vibes? Oh yes! Let’s see if there are users who want to “grumble” again!

Nope, this is no belated April Fool’s joke!

Even Though it pretty much sounds like it. The subject of the press release is: “VZ – The new group network ‘made in Germany’ replaces studiVZ & meinVZ“. For our younger readers: studiVZ was founded in 2005 by Ehssan Dariani in Berlin and had around 20 million users back in the day. In 2007, the Holtzbrinck publishing group took over the VZ network for 85 million, followed by the rise of Facebook and the decline of studiVZ. So Vert Capital bought up the studiVZ platforms in 2012. The network was later owned by the Momentous Entertainment Group (MEG) and in autumn 2017, the network declared bankruptcy. “In early 2018, entrepreneur and Lieferando founder Jörg Gerbig bought up the studiVZ and meinVZ network to save it from bankruptcy. Two years later, the old sites – including nine million former accounts and several hundreds of millions student pictures – will be replaced by the group network VZ launching today and will probably be shut down about three months after the launch of VZ Networks,” the company announces.

“Social media has fallen into disrepute and data sell-out is a recurring theme in German media. The current providers are confusing and commercial, everything is being spread out on the timeline. WhatsApp is great – but offers no features for groups to become events or organized communities. Instagram is primarily focused on visual self-expression and perfect selfies. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are profile and timeline centered,” says Agneta Binninger, Managing Director of VZ Networks. “VZ provides an alternative solution for the German market. No network is completely geared for group communication. During quarantine, we will launch the beta version in order to further develop the site based on user feedback and decide what features should be included in the app.

That’s some retro vibes! Let’s see if users really want to grumble again! “Grumble”…? That sounds familiar – and will be back super soon! – along with those funny groups from studiVZ. Who didn’t smile when they heard “What a shitty party, I’m going home as soon as I find my pants!” Another highlight: nine million former studiVZ and meinVZ users can import their pictures (300 million in total) and current scores to the new VZ,” the company says.

However, the first tests reveal some bugs like pictures not being displayed or uploaded properly, formatting errors etc. Let’s hope they will be fixed ASAP – the sooner the better!