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Pete Parker was a boy with no friends until some radioactive spider decided to bite him – and just like that, Pete turned into Spiderman. Conclusion: We can all be heroes. You, your company and your most boring high school teacher.

Don’t worry, we don’t cultivate radioactive spiders in our hero headquarters. And no, we won’t have them chase and bite you. What we do possess is the know-how and equipment to transform you into a video hero in a less painful way.

Henry Ford once said: Not to advertise is to die. But that was before the internet, Instagram, smartphones and heroes. He was right then – but what about now? Simply replace “advertise” with “make videos with heroes” and the statement is truer than ever.

Not to rely on video production is digital suicide. Your customers love videos a little too much. Do you know who loves them even more? Google!! Increased dwell time = relevant content = better ranking.

A Few Numbers:

  • 82% of internet traffic is due to streaming
  • A website without video has an average dwell time of 48 seconds. If you add a video, the time raises to 5 minutes and 50 seconds
  • Pages with video are linked 267% more frequently than those without
  • 70% of consumer have already shared brand videos on social media
  • After 72 hours, users remember 10% of content contained in a text, 65% in a picture and 95% in a video !!!

You want to be a hero but don’t like spider bites? Being best friend with Google doesn’t sound too bad? Well… what are you waiting for?

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